How Much Should A Rug Cost?

How Much Should A Rug Cost?

It's a common topic among rug buyers, and it raises the query of what makes a rug excellent value. To make it easier to understand there are certain factors that influence the price. Age, pattern complexity, individuality, material quality, weave density, origin, and rug size all impact the price. Now, this should give you an idea of the average price of a rug.


Hand-Knotted Rugs

Each of these rugs is made up of millions of individual hand-tied knots. They may be new pieces or artifacts, but the admirable craftsmanship distinguishes these one-of-a-kind and long-lasting pieces.


Materials: Wool, Silk

Production Time: 9-12 months

Lifespan: Over 100 years

Price Per Square Foot: $10-100

Price of a 5x8 Rug: $40-3,200


Hand-Woven Rugs

Flatweave, kilim, dhurry, and sumak are rugs from the same family. They are woven through the foundation of hand weaving. They are a durable and functional option for those seeking an in-expensive hand-made carpet.


Materials: Wool, Cotton, Jute

Production Time: 3-6 months

Lifespan: 10-50 years

Price Per Square Foot: $3-15

Price of a 5x8 Rug: $120-600


Machine Made / Power Tool

These rugs are produced in record time and at a low cost, thanks to advances in technology. This includes hand-tufting with a power-tufting gun or power looms handled by specialists. Some machines weave rugs in massive reams, most often with synthetic yarns.


Materials: Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic

Production Time: 1 month

Lifespan: 1-3 years

Price Per Square Foot: $1-10

Price of a 5x8 Rug: $40-400

We limit our inventory of these rugs due to their lower quality and durability.


Vintage Rugs - rugs more than 30 years old - have a wide range of prices due to rarity, origin, materials and other factors.