Why Afghani carpets are Worth Buying?

Dec 14, 2023

Afghani carpets are unique in many ways. Their distinctive origin, designs, and colors didn’t take long to be recognized as one of the most selling carpet types in the world. This is mainly because of Afghanistan’s geographical location and rich history.

The Afghani carpet art evolved from mixed regions of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Afghani carpets have been a center of attention and class for travelers from all around the world. Most Afghani carpet weavers are influenced by Kazak, Turkmen, and Mahal designs. You won’t see this unique fusion of art and creativity anywhere else. However Afghan weavers faced a great influence of war. You will notice a lot of floral sprays and geometric motifs are replaced with images of war and arms. You will find Imam carpets as an authentic carpet shop near me and here you can find a wide range of Afghani carpets.

One Knot at a Time!

Afghan weavers are one of the most skillful weavers all over the world. They are dedicated to their craft, they know their art. They work steadily on each and every Afghani carpet article meticulously focusing on each knot. Their signature work style is one knot at a time, this takes them so long on one rug. Yet they do not compromise on quality and invest more craftsmen on one rug, sometimes more than 5 Afghani rug weavers work on one rug at a time. They understand following one knot at a time pattern can take them so long alone. Time on one rug greatly depends on the length of the rugs and carpets. Some of the skillful Afghan weavers confirm spending 7 months on one Afghani carpet. But the carpet after these months is worth all the work. The skill and commitment of the Afghan weavers are highlighted in the perfectly crafted carpet. They have earned their reputation for a reason, and that is high quality and durability.   

Types of Afghani rugs

 There are more than 50 types of Afghani carpets. Afghani carpet weavers came from diverse landscapes of Persian states. Some of these weavers also had to face war conditions and that made a clear impact on their art. Different Afghani carpets originated from the weavers of different origins. Every Afghani rug is different in terms of color and patterns. Here is a list of 50 different types of Afghani rugs:

  1. Baluchi Rugs
  2. Barmazid Rugs
  3. Chobi Rugs
  4. Ersari Rugs
  5. Gabbeh Rugs
  6. Gulmohar Rugs
  7. Herati Rugs
  8. Khal Mohammadi Rugs
  9. Khotan Rugs
  10. Kilim Rugs
  11. Maimana Rugs
  12. Mauri Rugs
  13. Mori Bokhara Rugs
  14. Mushwani Rugs
  15. Naghlu Rugs
  16. Nain Rugs
  17. Nuristan Rugs
  18. Pushtun Rugs
  19. Qala Afshar Rugs
  20. Qaraqul Rugs
  21. Qazvin Rugs
  22. Qum Rugs
  23. Salor Rugs
  24. Samarkand Rugs
  25. Saryk Rugs
  26. Shindand Rugs
  27. Shiraz Rugs
  28. Sirjan Rugs
  29. Sultanabad Rugs
  30. Surkhan Rugs
  31. Taimani Rugs
  32. Talikan Rugs
  33. Tekke Rugs
  34. Termez Rugs
  35. Torkham Rugs
  36. Turkmen Rugs
  37. Uzbek Rugs
  38. Warduj Rugs
  39. Yarkhun Rugs
  40. Zahidan Rugs
  41. Zakhori Rugs
  42. Zarani Rugs
  43. Zarina Rugs
  44. Zohra Rugs
  45. Zulfiqar Rugs
  46. Zulmai Rugs
  47. Zurmat Rugs
  48. Zyaratagh Rugs
  49. Dorokhsh Rugs
  50. Kunduz Rugs

Making of Afghani carpets

 Afghani carpet weavers use traditional techniques passed down for centuries. They learned it from their grandparents and taught it to their kids and they passed it down to their kids. It’s a generational skill. They start by shearing the wool from their flock of sheep. This wool is no doubt of great quality because of the perfect grazing environment. These sheep are one of their pet flocks, they use them for wool and meat. Their sheep enjoy the northern Afghanistan livelihood.

They start their process by hand spinning the high-quality wool into balls of yarn, right after washing and brushing. Then they started dying and drying these yarn balls. After drying now they are ready to use. They work on their rugs and carpets either on the floor or by using a standing loom. They work tirelessly on each of their rug working one knot at a time until it is complete. The finished rug is then trimmed, washed, and hung out to dry. When the rug is completely dry, they brush the pile with a shallow hand to give it a finished look and bring out the colors of the rug.  

Unique features of Afghani carpets

 Afghani carpets are popular for many reasons. But it can be hard to find the original Afghani carpet. Here are a few things that will help you spot an original Afghani carpet. Start with vigorously rubbing the rug with an open palm of your hands. If no wool fiber sticks to your palm it is most likely to be an afghan work. Underside a typical Afghani rug you will spot an uneven surface indicating a hand-made work. But if you spot an even and smooth surface it is a machine-made replica of the original design. The geometric motifs of dark red color is another signature hand-made afghan symbol. These motifs are fused with red, blue, and black colors, it is another distinctive feature of Afghani rugs that makes it easy to spot an original Afghani carpet. You can find the original Afghani carpets and more at carpet shop near me option at your ease in Imam carpet.

Materials use to make them    

  Afghani carpets are popular for their remarkable quality. The authentic Afghani rugs and carpets are made with 100% original wool. Afghani rug weavers are very passionate about their work and they do not let the quality go down by substituting wool with other fabrics. The wool used is soft, oily, and of high quality which gives the final product its finished look with a significant shine and luster. Afghani carpets get their natural polished look not only from their high-quality wool but also from their meticulous working strategy. Afghan weavers no matter what type of Afghani carpet they produce never compromise on dye quality. They use natural color dyes for their distinctive dark red, blue, and black motif colors. Using natural dye has its benefits, it helps in retaining their deep, bright hues over the years. If you came across an original Afghani carpet you will observe a comparatively thick pile. They are of better quality and more comforting to walk than all-over Pakistani carpets.

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