Top 10 Pakistani rugs

Dec 29, 2023

Pakistani rugs are highly valued for their quality and beauty. Most of these designs are intricate and take days to be finalized. Due to these reasons Pakistani rugs are considered one of the finest rugs all around the world. Rugs in Pakistan are popular for their unique designs and patterns. They are made using high-quality wool or silk dyed with natural dyes. Some of the most well-known types of Pakistani rugs including the most popular of all Bokhara rug. Pakistani rugs are popular for their distinctive traditional motifs and symbols. Rich in color, there are various modern Rugs in Pakistan available at affordable prices. These handmade rugs are often a mix of traditions of Turkey and Persia with a touch of modern elements. Pakistani hand-knotted rugs are highly regarded in the fashion industry.

If you are planning to buy a Pakistani rug this blog will help you choose which one works best for you. These top 10 Pakistani rugs are the best of all. Perfect for living rooms, guest rooms, and bedrooms offers excellent value for money.

Bokhara Rugs

These are mostly loved and quite common in Pakistani households. They are commonly loved among carpet enthusiasts owing to their soft velvety texture. The Bokhara rugs feature traditional geometric designs and patterns. Mostly made with solid colors on dark solid background shades mostly classic gold or red.

They are made using traditional Turkish techniques, namely the Ghordies Knot or Senna, which is used to make these rugs, which further adds to their durability.

If you want to refurnish your home with something warm and traditional to your living room, a handmade Bokhara rug is all you are looking for. 

Pak Persian Rugs

As the name suggests it is the fusion of both traditions of Persia and Pakistan. During the subcontinental separation Pakistani weavers went through a lot of political changes and all of these changes were very clear in the rug weaving art as well. These rugs are influenced by Persian weaving techniques and design patterns. This type of handmade carpets is popular in both western and eastern regions of Asia.

These carpets are symbolic for their knot density, symbolism, and detailed floral designs. They are mostly made of large sizes and should make any room look utterly beautiful and regal.

It takes almost 12-14 months to craft one single Pak Persian handmade rug. 3-4 skillful weavers spend this large time span to produce this handmade rug. This not only ensures high quality but also makes sure every pattern and every design is on point. 

Baluchi Rugs

Baluchistan is a land of culturally rich province of Pakistan. Popular for its unique cultural dresses. It is the land where the highly valuable and captivating Baluchi rugs are mostly made by skillful tribesmen.

To this day, hand-crafted Baluchi rugs are symbols of the same kind of glory that the ones produced centuries ago did. Every Baluchi rug features the same design, same style as once radiated by their ancestors. These traditional rugs have the brightest colors paired with extravagant patterns, that can make anyone stare in awe.

These rugs also take no less than 9-10 months to manufacture. These traditional weavers are from eastern Iran and Afghanistan. Mostly made from the wool of sheep or goats from their own herd.   

Turkish Rugs

Turkey has a long history of rug weaving since the days of Seljuk’s arrival from Central Asia in the 13th and 14th centuries. These rugs are known for their intricate designs, craftsmanship, and cultural significance. 

Turkey continues to produce a wide variety of rugs and carpets on which its reputation is built. Designs on Turkish rugs draw inspiration from both Turkish culture and from its Eastern neighbors in Persia. 

Turkish rugs are popular for their quality of rug, quality of wool, quality of color, pattern aesthetics, knot density, knot feature, and size of rug.  

Chobi Rugs

These rugs are loved for their soft hues and geometric floral patterns. Chobi rugs are popular to be made with high-quality wool which is carefully dyed with natural pigments. Fabric is dyed before the weaving process. 

Chobi Rugs is also one of the most loved designs when it comes to a blend of modern and traditional designs. Everyone knows these rugs are popular for their high knot density and could be the best carpet investment you ever make.

Gabbeh Rugs

They are woven out of handspun yarn which is then dyed naturally. They are mostly considered similar to Chobi rugs, they also feature geometric floral patterns.

They are made by skilled Pakistani weavers and the entire process of washing dying and weaving takes up to 10-12 months. The finished product is highly durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Moroccan Rugs

When buying a Moroccan rug, you should avoid machine-made or mass-produced rugs. Moroccan Rugs are popular for their blend of traditional artistry with a modern touch. Available in a captivating touch range of vibrant and neutral colors. 

There are some types of Moroccan rugs,

Beni Qurain 

Made from a Berber community. These rugs are popular for their geometric patterns and the tribe’s nomadic lifestyle. 


Made from knotted scraps of cloth, rather than wool. It's known for its vibrant color and beautiful designs.

Beni Mguild 

Known for their bold choice of colors and intricate designs. Originated from the Beni Mguild region. 


Used as floor covering, tapestry, table runner, or ancient piece. Mostly they are hand woven, characterized by thin, tight stitching and intricate patterns.


These rugs are styled with traditional Moroccan Motifs that have been dip-dyed. They are hand-woven with a combination of wool and cotton.

Kazak Rugs

One of the Armenian rugs is popular for its room's enchanting, warm appearance. They offer a subtle and casual look, that can make any room look fuller and more welcoming.

They are available in beautiful indigo blues, classic reds, and ivories with distinct geometric patterns and a wide range of alluring designs. 

Khal Mohammadi Rugs

These types of rugs originally had nomadic backgrounds, but nowadays these rugs are mostly machine-made. They are on a large-scale machine-spun wool that is now usually made with synthetic color dyes.

These rugs stand out among the rest of the rugs in their stylish floral patterns and bold geometric designs. If you are a person who loves historical artifacts is this the right piece for you?

Shairwan Rugs

Don’t confuse them with traditional Kazak rugs. There is no doubt that both types of carpets look quite similar.

They are also made with the wool spinning technique. They are more finely wool spun than normal kazak rugs with finer patterns and a higher knot density.

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