Tips for Taking Care of your Carpets and Rugs

Dec 20, 2023

People usually confuse carpets with rugs. This used to happen until the 19th century but today we know. The carpet covers the floor from one wall to the next. Meanwhile, rugs could be of any size, depth, or shape. Back then people had a trend of buying carpets but today trend has shifted to rugs. Why did this happen? There could be hundreds of explanations but the most logical explanation to us is that rugs are easier to clean and maintain. Carpets were huge, they would cover your entire room and your beautiful flooring would be hidden. Today floors are shifted to tiles and marbles from mosaic. Now there are various types of carpets and rugs.

Carpets need a whole floor dedicated to them for years. Rugs are easy to move. Every home has a few timeless art pieces but none are as unique as a professional artisan. Imam carpet provides the best quality easy to clean but here are a few tips on how you can keep your artisan in its brightest color. These tips will help you keep your rugs and carpets colorful for years and also bring out the joy that stimulates your soul. 

Learn Basics of Carpets and Rugs Cleaning:

Carpets and rugs woven with delicate fabrics special amount of your time. They bring warmth and elegance to your home. To increase the shelf life of their beauty, understanding the basics of cleaning is essential. We will help you master the art of carpets and rug cleaning. They ensure they remain a cherished part of your living room and so should you. 

  1. Start with the debris cleaning. Now and then you should brush off dust and debris. Just take a broom of your choice and brush it off. At most households brushing off is done daily. But you can do it on alternate days depending on the foot traffic you get. You just have to gently sweep the carpet in the direction of fibers to avoid causing damage.
  2. Give attention to both sides, Flip it often, and also brush off the underlayer. This ensures a thorough cleaning process. This process not only dislodges any debris or dust trapped between fibers. This step is crucial for maintaining the longevity and vibrancy of your carpets.
  3. Regular vacuuming can save you from a lot of trouble. Build a habit of weekly vacuuming your rugsor carpets both the front and back sides of the carpet. Especially if you have loop carpets and you cannot brush them, vacuuming is necessary. Rough bristle roller bars can damage your favorite artisan.
  4. Use your scissors for extra precision. Inspect the carpet’s surface thoroughly for any loose threads. If you spot any delicately snip them off. A little detailed care of your carpet can save it from a huge amount of damage to come. 
  5. Hand-knotted or Kilims require extra care. Once you start cleaning them, adjust your vacuum cleaner to low suction settings. Avoid vacuuming the fringes as prolonged use may become a reason for damage. They might be ripped off, treat these gentle weaves with a gentle touch to maintain their beauty.      

Uneven wear can become a Problem!

Carpets might not stay in their shine for long if you don’t fight wear-offs. Carpets usually get wear-offs and color fading in the center, it could be due to heavy foot traffic. To avoid this from happening play strategically, rotate your carpet 180 every 4-5 months so the heavy foot traffic can be distributed evenly throughout. This will save your carpet from wear off but color fading usually happens because of uneven quantity of cleaning detergent usage or due to being exposed to sunlight. The solution to this is again pretty simple, spin your carpet and see the magic happen.

Curling also needs to be Fixed!

You might have noticed your carpet curling from one side. It can practically destroy the entire look of the carpet and can make anyone fall while walking through it. Curling can happen due to multiple reasons. It could be the wrong packing or shipment, and maybe you keep your carpet rolled and take it out on occasion. It refuses to become flat again, try moving the carpet in another direction to speed up the unwinding process. In monsoon carpets often get wet and wet wool smells terrible, to get rid of that smell you have to dry it. If you are planning to dry your carpet never dry it in direct sunlight, it can fade its color. The best way to uncurl it is by placing it under heavy objects and changing direction. 

Prevent Moth Infestation:

Wet wool degrades quickly and emits a foul smell. This smell is common in the monsoon season with carpets of natural materials such as wool, cotton, and silk. Because these fabrics can be deeply affected by moisture. If moisture is trapped in carpets or rugs it can lead to moth infestation and mildew growth. However, Imam Carpets are both moth and mildew-resistant. 

Spills have to be Cleaned Immediately!

No matter how careful you are, spills can even happen to the best of us. Foods and drinks are fairly common culprits and let’s face it they are unavoidable. They must be immediately attended and removed as soon as possible. Make sure the carpet dye is wash-resistant and carefully read the washing manual you receive with your carpet. If you spot dry clean written somewhere you have to clean it that way. Always make sure to double-check guidelines for your specific carpet types and materials. If your carpets or rugs are not only meant to be dry cleaned, start rubbing off with a paper or cloth. Pick the wet one to start rubbing and then pour gentle detergent to help you clean. Try to pour them on isolated areas of the spot, if you did all you could but the stain doesn’t go, seek expert help. Although you may get various tips and tricks to get off the stain on the internet don’t trust everything you read on the internet. 

Imam carpet has experts who can help you get through any cleaning problem. Contact us anytime and give your favorite carpets or rugs to expert hands. If you want to stay on the safe side, you can call professional rug cleaners but do not experiment with inadequate knowledge.  



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