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Nov 12, 2023

Pakistan carpets mostly have Persian roots. Carpet weaving in Pakistanis is not just an art it is a culture, a tradition, and above all a skill that is passed down to generations. The cultural heritage of carpet weaving in Pakistan dates back to the 18th century. The long history of Pakistani Carpets reflects cultural influences and hints at the political situation of the region. 

 Under the given circumstances today’s Pakistani carpet price went to a height. But for justified reasons, the intricate design and the high-quality wool selection speak for themselves. The price of carpets in Pakistan also identifies the transportation price variation and more factors. But as we proceed in this article we will explore why Pakistani Carpets are more expensive.

The Rich History of Pakistani Carpet Weaving 

Craftsmanship in every knot. The quality of Pakistani carpets is a history of woven tradition and artistry. The roots of Pakistani Carpets trace back to ancient times. The skills developed within locals back in the 18th century and made their way to us to this date with a couple of modifications. The craft flourished as the communities discovered the art of transforming weaving techniques. Soon they began experimenting with patterns with deep rich colors. As a result, today you and I witness aesthetically pleasing and functional floor coverings.

Pakistani carpets are rich in Persian designs. And for all reasons, the unique patterns and colors win everyone’s hearts. Each knot tells an enriching story of cultural exchange and history. Once the craft began to find its grip on the local markets, it evolved from a cottage industry to a significant economic force. Cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar became hubs of cultural production. 

The durability and high quality reached every home with its nobility. Carpet weavers polished their skills to create these timeless floor coverings. Today, they continue to be an integral part of Pakistani households, adding warmth, color, and a touch of tradition to every corner.  

Mystery of hand woven Carpets

The tradition of hand-knotted carpets comes from the Eastern world. From the geometry of designs to the quality of materials used, everything has an ounce of history attached to it. These unique designs originated from different cultural backgrounds and highly creative minds behind them. Reflecting their cultural significance and political conditions with clear demarcations and distinctive features.  

All of this comes together to create stunning carpet designs, both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to foot. Carpet price in Pakistan circulates among every budget holder from average to extended. The rich history of carpet weaving is widely celebrated in Pakistan and we are also here to join the celebration. We understand that each thread, each motif talks the language of artistry and tradition, and keeping it alive requires money.

Complexity of design 

The charm of hand-woven carpets comes at a cost. The cost of tiring hard work of days and nights. And especially the complexity of designs because only that can give an illusion of captivating luxury. Every knot, every pattern, and every color blends to create an epic version of décor for your living room’s flooring. The skills of this meticulous craftsman are an art that takes time and attention to detail. A lot of patience, time, and skills are required to implement the unique and authentic patterns of Pakistani Carpets.

Pakistani Carpet prices are no wonder expensive but it’s worth it. Every carpet is a timeless piece of high quality because everything including dyes is naturally obtained. Every time-consuming yet quality-improving factor is employed to improve the quality and enhance its shelf life.

Quality of Materials used

Every hand-woven carpet is made carefully using high-quality products. From premium wool to durable silk everything knots together to turn into the most comfortable flooring. The dyes are naturally obtained ignoring the fact that synthetic dyes can come at way cheaper prices. To us, the quality of the carpet comes before every other factor. Pakistani carpet prices are also very high because they are very old, they have been around for centuries. Most of them are considered to be the most valuable pieces of history. Every strand of silk or wool knots together in a process of excellence and work of art. The result is not only beautiful but also highly durable.

Affordable options for every budget

We understand that luxury comes at a price but we have something for everyone. The Price of carpet in Pakistan ranges from 100 thousand rupees at maximum to the least 40 thousand rupees. We make sure that quality and elegance reach every buyer. We produce both collections without affecting their longevity. Ensuring that hand-woven carpets reach everyone accessible who is an admirer of art and culture.

Premium Collection for luxury lovers

Adding carpet has its benefits though from an amazing indoor look to comfort in winter, it gives all of it. With high-quality silk and wool, our carpets can become your favorite type of flooring. The type of patterns and colors give your room a distinctive look. Our wide variety of high-quality luxury carpets is also customizable so you can get exactly what you are looking for. 

Because we understand not every carpet is created in the same size we have an open customization option. The Price of carpet in Pakistan also depends on the type of wool. If it comes from a specific type of sheep that only lives in certain parts of the world, the price tag will be hard to fall in your budget.

Quality vs Price

The high-quality wool and efforts of day and night combined to produce an ideal quality carpet for your floor. Pakistani carpet prices are high and for justified reasons, they are made to withstand every wear and tear. Highly suitable for daily life, an extremely suitable work of art for living rooms. These carpets are not only hugely time-consuming but also require a large amount of skills. Owing to this fact, if they come with a big price tag they are worth it.

Reputable Carpet sellers with the best prices of carpets in Pakistan

Navigating the market of carpet weaving Imam Carpet stands among one of the most reputable sellers in Pakistan. Our transparent yet affordable collections make it easy for everyone to afford our carpets. Visit our store or order online. Imam Carpets provides the best prices of carpets in Pakistan with premium quality hand-woven techniques.  

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