Overdyed Rugs – the Hot New Trend in Decor

Oct 9, 2022

In recent years, we have seen old rugs being given a transformation to fit in with contemporary homes as part of a new trend that has emerged in the rug market. You have undoubtedly already seen architectural publications, editors, designers, and lifestyle bloggers promoting the faded, or overdyed, rug trend that first gained popularity a few years ago.

In addition to selling Persian and Oriental rugs, Imam Carpet Co. is dedicated to assisting regional artisanal groups in maintaining their long-standing craft traditions. The 'Overdyed Rugs Collection' is our favorite since it allows us to breathe fresh life into outdated rugs. A carpet that would have otherwise been dead inventory is being recycled and used in such a unique manner. We are still able to purchase these carpets, hence, helping the spinners and repurpose waste into a product that is now well-known throughout the world and is especially favored by interior designers. The Overdyed Rugs are more easily adaptable because of their softer colors and designs.


At Imam Carpet Co, we carefully select and handpick Persian carpets in good shape to put them through the over-dying process. There are numerous ways to speed up the aging process depending on the desired appearance. Not every worn-out rug is appropriate for this technique; they all need to be constructed of natural materials and have a specific density to endure aging.

  • The rug is first professionally cleaned to remove any grime. 
  • They are then neutralized in color and soaked to remove the strong tones from the original dyes and minimize the original color. Depending on how vibrant the original colors were, this process may need to be repeated several times.
  • They are then given a new palette of dye, giving them a new lease on life. The color will be absorbed differently by each piece. It is contingent on the original rug, the dye mixture, the climate, and many other factors. It takes up to four months to complete this hard process and achieve the appropriate color. 
  • To give the carpet a more worn-in and classic look, the pile is shaved in some spots. 


Now that you are completely enamored with the concept, what is the ideal way to use an over-dyed rug in your space?


Color can bring a space together.

overdyed colorful hand knotted rugs stacked on top of each other

So perhaps you do not want the impact of that one color. Perhaps you'd want to utilize a single shade throughout. Teal, turquoise, charcoal, and denim are among the over-dyed materials used in some of our absolute favorite rugs. To establish harmony and cohesiveness in a room, you can easily repeat these colors across the area.


The desire for an exquisite neutral.

Golden Overdyed Vibrant Rug

Not all overdyed rugs are vibrantly colored. Overdyed rugs in shades of black, grey, charcoal, and brown are excellent for grounding a seated space. It's also a fantastic technique to conceal dirt!

Light Gray Overdyed Rugs

See the seamless and inviting living room above, which is brought together by a stunning black over-dyed rug.

Dark Gray Overdyed Rug

In times of a striking mood.

Pink Overdyed Rug

See how flawlessly fuchsia pink this is? Nothing can make you gasp like the ideal carpeting in the ideal setting. Numerous overdyed rugs instantly give a space a huge effect. A quick method to give your home the most character possible is to add a rug like this one.


Check out our entire vintage rug collection including overdyed rugs here.

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