Online Carpets Shopping in Pakistan

Jan 16, 2024

We all want to get our favorite carpet piece at discounted rates without bargaining. But it seems impossible in front of high carpet prices in Pakistan. In these financially stressful times, the main objective is to save as money as much possible. An emerging trend in carpet sales is inclined towards online shopping as well. You can sit at home, and look through a wide range of high-quality handmade and machine-made carpets.

In this process, you will learn about so many different types of carpets and their features. You can also read facts about carpets, and compare prices in peace and quiet whenever you want to round-the-clock.   

Comfort, Style, and Affordability Combined

With an increasing number of consumers turning to the internet for their flooring needs. This trend shifts towards increasing the rate of sales and offers. The convenience of online shopping is undeniable. Gone are the days of having to visit multiple stores, making their way through crowded showrooms. With just a few clicks, you can access a vast selection of carpets from the comfort of your house. This allows you to browse at your leisure, comparing prices, and scrutinizing customer reviews. Online shopping eliminates the time-consuming task of traveling to different locations. This not only saves you precious time but also eliminates the stress of traffic and parking. Online stores offer sales and discounts way more than conventional brick-and-stone stores. Rational handling and large purchases allow online retailers to keep prices low, providing shoppers with the opportunity to acquire high-quality carpets at affordable rates.   

Online Carpets and Rugs Shopping

Another great advantage of shopping online is that you get to fight off high carpet prices in Pakistan. It also brings clarity and lucidity, which is good when thinking about how the carpet will fit or not fit in your home. You will also save a great amount of time, by not having to visit a number of stores. 

Once you receive your carpet you examine it and see if this carpet is really suitable for your home. Online shopping is a modern and more simplified way of purchasing, it is also bearable on pocket since the prices can be kept low. Through rational handling and large purchases, you can save quite a lot of money that can benefit you later on. Online shopping is also fast deliveries directly to your home and with the same rights as the store provides. It is only a good possibility of a good deal for consumers.

Why Online Shopping is Better than Onsite shopping?

As per a rough estimate, online shopping stats have recently shot up to 129% over the last year since the pandemic. A quick Google will pull endless shopping options for almost every product under the sun. And if you are still analyzing whether you can shop carpets online or not, here are a few points that might clear your mind. 

·         Cost of carpet.

·         Quality of carpet.

·         Size of carpet and its fitting in your room.

·         Your convenience.

So considering these concerns here’s a comprehensive detail you need to know. Online carpets can be slightly cheaper than in-store. You can’t judge carpet fabric quality from an online store but you can definitely know the quality of an in-store carpet, you can feel it in real. Most online stores might not offer fitting but stores would do that. Always do what fits according to your convenience. People who have no previous experience might find it difficult, but people with prior online shopping might be more comfortable availing of discounts and sales. We are all experiencing a financial crisis these days as carpet prices in Pakistan are reaching the skies it might be the right time to start online shopping. 

Factors that Influence Carpet prices in Pakistan

If you are planning to convert your home into a cozy heaven. Carpets are the right thing to buy first. Carpet prices in Pakistan might scare you at this but online carpet shopping can save you. If you are looking for luxury carpets here are a few things you should consider. 

Types of Pakistani Carpets:

Carpet prices in Pakistan don’t remain the same. The rates vary as per the quality and intricacy of the work. Pakistani carpets are of 50 different types among them Baluchi, Bokhara, afghani, and Chobi are the most popular ones. Hand-knotted carpets, which are made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, are generally the most expensive. Each carpet from the hand-knotted collection is made with the admirable skills of hundreds of hands. Machine-made collections on the other hand are the economic option.

Texture of Pakistani Carpets:

Carpet texture is another important aspect. The texture and quality can be determined by the quality of the fabric used to manufacture the carpet. There are multiple options to choose from, polyester, nylon, wool, silk, triexta, and polypropylene. Each of them has its significance and shine. Wool and silk carpets are best for people with eczema and allergies. Kilim and flatweave rugs work best in high foot-traffic areas because they do not retain dust. 

Manufacturers of Pakistani Carpets:

Imam carpets stands among one of the oldest and most reliable carpet manufacturers in Pakistan. We were established in 1951 and to this date, Imam carpet has been successful in making its name in the Pakistani carpet market. We strive to produce quality with intricate designs that will charm up your flooring surface. We take care of your family’s health by creating flat weave and zero pile rugs. They are proven to hold the least amount of dust so every asthma patient or anyone with allergies can easily breathe in the room with our carpets. All these years we aimed to create carpets that can be passed down to generations maximizing the charm and aura of your living room.

Pros and Cons of Pakistani Carpets:

If you want to skip the chilly floors of your house, carpet is the best alternative. Carpets offer a number of advantages like warmth and comfort. However, carpets also have some drawbacks,


·         Provides a warm and comfortable walking space. Walk barefoot anytime you want. 

·         Hate you Tik Tok sound of heels hitting the floor? Carpets can solve this problem too

·         Define your room space and add style and color to it. 


·         It’s difficult to clean and requires regular cleaning.

·         If not maintained correctly might cause allergies and dust mites production.

·         It can be an expensive installation.


Imam Carpets is here to satisfy everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for budget-friendly options or luxurious options. We are here for you, to help you fight off high carpet prices in Pakistan. Contact us today and shop for your favorite carpets. You can also visit our stores in-house. 

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