Antique Persian Ghashgai Rug



SIZE: 4.11 x 3.10 ft

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Manufactured by Imam Carpet Co.

Hand Knotted

Made in Pakistan

Wool Pile with Cotton Base

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In the Iranian Province of Fars, small villages around the city of Shiraz constantly carpet-weave. Carpets from Shiraz resemble the common grandeur of all Persian rugs; however, because of the diverse nature of Shiraz due to events such as migration, rugs from Shiraz are occasionally similar to those from Qashqai, Khamseh, Basseri, Afshar, Abadeh and Luri. Regardless, Shiraz carpets still retain a sense of originality and distinctiveness since nearly all of them are handmade as opposed to being made commercially in factories. They are large, often coarse, use a fixed loom, possess symmetrical knots, and are made to sell. Consequently, Shiraz rugs are ever in demand, attested from their sales popularity worldwide.

Carpets from Shiraz are usually made of either cotton or wool; wool is sometimes used in the pile as well. Wool is likewise used in the weft and warp. In the weft and warp, goat hair yarn is sometimes utilized as well. Coming from a region with semi-extreme temperatures, it is of no surprise that carpets from Shiraz use said materials to be adaptable in any environment. This makes them stand out in world markets as they can purchased for their flexibility.

SIZE: 3'.10'' (Width) x 4'.11'' (Length)

Rug Details

  • Manufactured by Imam Carpet Co.
  • Made in Pakistan
  • Single knot symmetrical knotted (Ghiordes or Turkish Knot)
  • 50-80 Knots Per Square Inch
  • Wool Pile
  • Cotton Base
  • Age: Vintage
  • Thickness: Medium 0.25 - 0.75 Inch
  • Both Sides Usable: No
  • Outdoors Usable: No


  • Hand Knotted


  • Low


  • Baluchi


  • Tribal


  • Geometric

Main Color

  • Red

Rooms Usable

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom


  • Shedding is a natural characteristic of fresh rugs.
  • Do not brush the rug. Vacuum the rug from time to time.
  • Blot any spillage immediately from the rug and avoid rubbing the stain.
  • Rotate the rug periodically to even out wear.
  • Install protectors underneath heavy furniture to prevent the rug from flattening and piling.
  • Clip threads from the rug with a scissor, do not pull.
  • Avoid folding the rug. Do not lay the rug on a wet surface.
  • It is advised to have the rug professionally cleaned, periodically.
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